Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stages 1

Thought I would do this every so often with finished large pictures.

I always find when i do a large detail picture i usually get people asking to see linearts or precess pictures for it.
This is a picture I painted for my Ma. It's Alice and the white rabbit. Hes wants her heart so is going to kill her.

First 2 stages are the lineart and the early stages of the watercolour.
I always hate scanning watercolour pictures as the colour seems to be faded and weak comapred to the actual picture. this results me having to adjust it in PS4 to fix it.
These 2 stages are the finished watercolour and then a layer of colour from photoshop with slight touch ups for a finish.
I usually spend about 4 days on something like this, takes longer if i'm doing other stuff.

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