Sunday, January 29, 2012

Botanical project

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This was my Botanical project back in October-November 2011.
Just rough composition stuff.
Enjoyed it.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Pepper project

This was a project my Illustration teacher gave me.
Pick 12 artists and imitate their style with a selected Fruit/vegetable as the focus.
I chose a Red Pepper.
Here are my results.

1. Alessandro Barbucci

    2. Charley Harper

3. David Mack

4. Gerald Scarfe

5. Jules Cheret

6. Lane Smith

7. Laura Wessen

8. Max Beckmann

9. Nicolas De Crecy

10. Riff Rebs

11. Saul Bass

12. Veronique Meignaud

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Was in class and decided to draw some Star wars TOR stuff.
These are drawings of my Companion Vette and some of me and my girlfriends character.
Loooove drawing the Twi'lek race.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Final Fantasy IX Christmas Card

So I decided to make this for my girlfriend for Christmas. 
Just before Christmas she cleared Final Fantasy IX and loved it. It's probably my all time favourite game so was excited to do this card for her. 

This was the envelope. I got hard brown card and started to crumble it up in class, Alot of my friends thought I was mad doing this and I was trying to explain the reason why but they didn't understand. 
It ended up adding a great old effect to the texture and worked nicely :) I soaked the string in brown water (most of it) to get it looking old and worn down. worked also. Made custom stamps I'd imagine would be on a Mognet central Envelope and created other things to go along it.  That address is where she would want to live if she was in the world of Gaia in FF9.  Changed the name for the display :p

 This is the set of pictures I had done before starting. 
I designed the card and made the measurements and then done these images. 
Added alot of nice little FF9 things in there such as a Quina jack in the box, and model Prima Vista ariship, a Chocobo rocking horse, a Freya toy soldier abd alot of dolls of FF9 characters :3
The painting on the wall above the fireplace is of Queen Brahne. It's a copy of the one in the main hall of Alexandria castle. Always loved that picture. 

These are just some closeups and different angles of the card when it's standing up

Her cat Hunter decided to see what I was up to. 
Overall on and off it took about 4 days to do everything. 
Merry late Christmas!