Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hey hey, yesterday I was talking to my friend Sabine about Kingdom Hearts and Mentioned i wanted to do a new KH fanart so when i woke up this morning I decided i was going to just do one. I used to do alot of KH art, it was the thing i did art for the most back in the day :D  I even did a fan comic of it when I was 21 but all the files were lost when my computer at the time decided to not work anymore, I miss them even to this day and sometimes wonder if i should re do it...

Anyway, I decided to do art of Riku. He is the coolest looking in my opinion, especially his KH2 look.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Megaman clr

I finished this about a day or two ago and just done some touch ups. I'm still not sure I can call it finished.
I'm very weird when it comes to finished images, I always feel like I can do more to make it better. Well for now I'm done playing with it.
40+ hrs of colouring with a 24 hr solid run on it during that.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mega man stage 1

Just thought i'd get a post up before i spend the entire night in Photoshop.
Been doing a Megaman picture over the last 2 days and I'm exhausted from the hours i've put into the lines but i cannot wait to colour it!

Here is the sketches i done to get my idea for it

I was originally going with something cool like him and other characters like Zero and Proto in cool poses but then decided to go with something more fun. Had an idea to have a giant megaman with his mouth open and all the characters spilling out but then went with the current one.

Here is the early stage for the lineart
And after an exhausting 16 hours of lines and listening to Hole albums on repeat heres the inked lineart ready for colour
I'll post the colour version in the next few days depending on how long it takes.
I LOVE Tron Bonne!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some concepts

Been doing alot of writing and art for a project i'm doing for myself.
I've been doing tons of concept art for it and haven't shown anyone so I thought i'd post a couple i done today.
I might throw some on here from time to time.
 This is one of the Characters, Alice
This is an idea i got last night. a house with water spilling onto it, the insides are filled with leaks and i'll have alot of fun putting more work into designing it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stages 1

Thought I would do this every so often with finished large pictures.

I always find when i do a large detail picture i usually get people asking to see linearts or precess pictures for it.
This is a picture I painted for my Ma. It's Alice and the white rabbit. Hes wants her heart so is going to kill her.

First 2 stages are the lineart and the early stages of the watercolour.
I always hate scanning watercolour pictures as the colour seems to be faded and weak comapred to the actual picture. this results me having to adjust it in PS4 to fix it.
These 2 stages are the finished watercolour and then a layer of colour from photoshop with slight touch ups for a finish.
I usually spend about 4 days on something like this, takes longer if i'm doing other stuff.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


In my time on World of Warcraft I was an undead warrior known as Neversummer. I went to a PvP realm and joined a wPvP guild simply known as A Bunch Of Gankers.
My guild leader Faylum mentioned to me he was into drawing and the arts so I showed him my artwork and he wanted me to create  Guild banners for our guild to be used on the site and in the recruitment videos

I done this one first and then we talked about making it more gorey. like a Ganker is within all of us.
So i came up with this one. Never really done any kind of art where a man's chest is exploding open and unleashing a killer demon.

Some early stages of them .


 My first post  and I guess the first of many.

These are 2 images from something I was working hard on during last summer. I made it about 37 pages long and then moved on to other projects. I look back on all of the pages I done and realise how important they were for me to do. In the things I learned from all those days of work put into them.

The 2 above consist of a city opening I was going to use as an intro with word boxes introducing the story.
The following page is the first of about 4 pages which show a cat moving to the window of the main character in the story and continuing with the word boxes.

I will post up other pages from this unseen comic in future.