Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bandit King part 2 designs

Incandescent Memories Volume 2 

Hey anyone actually reading these posts. 
Here are my design pages from a comic I was recently apart of which was great. 
I worked along side Brian Burke for the second volume of Incandescent memories with the Bandit King part 2. 
Here is the title image for my story which was 10 pages long.
 Solene is back and is looking a bit more mature in my design for her this volume.
 Drak Spalg the crazy bird man design sheets
 Below are some concepts for Solene in a cage. for most of the comic she is trapped in a birdcage so wanted to get a nice design going.
 below are some various images related to the environment of my comic.
 And a single panel on one of the pages as a process
My upload some pages from the comic soon.

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