Thursday, February 9, 2012

The OZ project | Visual Development

This was my Wicked witch of the west design.
As I developed her I was adding masks to her face.
 Eventually It start becoming a crow mask like a beak over her mouth and eventually as she developed more I just went with making her a crow type creature

Her is my Dorothy design. I had so many designs for her but went with a young innocent look with a large dress.

 My Winged monkey design for the leader monkey. Was quite pleased with this guys design sheet. Wanted him to be a bit crazy looking.

This was another sheet for my witch designs. You can see the masks I was adding

                                                       Some other designs never used


  1. The witch designs are awesome. Reminiscent of Brian Froud's work!

    1. Cheers Eoghan :)
      Yeah it was in class someone said that.
      Wanted to make her as my puppet for this year :p
      Ended up going for something else though